Why Different Religions?

           Recently, after riots at various places, Peoples discuss more about religion and compare with them. Most of the people finds differences between various religions and try to prove their religion superior then others.Very few tries to find similarity between them and I, one of them.

           When we try to find similarity between them what comes first in mind? The Gods of different religions. Hindus have 33 crore gods, Muslims believes in Allah and Christians have Jesus. The common thing between them is, all religions believe that the whole universe is controlled by one super element and we should praise it. Each religion gives it separate name, each has a different method to praise it.

           The second common thing between all the religion is how they identify a person. All religions identify a person by his/her deeds and not by his/her birth. They gave importance to character and deeds of person rather than his/her birth or “KUL”. Can we say a person is Jain or Buddha if he/she believes in cruelty, even if he born in Jain/Buddha family? The answer is simply NO. Can we say a person is Muslim if he drinks in Ramzan? No. what it shows? only the deeds of the person decides his religion and not his family or birth.

          The third aspect which is common between all the religion is the reason behind the establishment of any religion. The reason is common and that ” to do something good for this universe”. nothing else. The question arise is that what is the need of so many religions? The answer is thoughts of people. Different people have different thoughts. Like most of the Hindus believes in worship of idols. But Muslims didn’t. Like that Christians have a different method for worship. So people follow different religions as per their thoughts.

            The fourth thing that is common between most of them is birth of super element. People believes that god comes to earth to end the rule of evil and establish peace.

             After observing these all thing we should think why we want that everybody should follow our religion. If we follow these things, aren’t we follow different religion simultaneously? Aren’t our friends from other religion follow our religions? If Salman khan celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi and Id both then which religion he follows, Hindu or Islam? Many Hindus often visit Dargah, and mosque. I personally know them. Like wise Many Muslims visit temples. It means they didn’t follow their religion? I am Hindu but not visit temple Daily, does it mean I am not Hindu?

          Doesn’t understand why people force others to follow their religion when even they themselves follows different religions. Most of the people (Not all) who change their religion not knowing facts about their past and future religions. They only change their religion to get something given by people or saints of their future religions.

            What is the meaning of secularism?

A. Follow all religion. Like wear CAPS which Muslim wears. Wear saree which Hindu women wear and celebrate 31 December?


B.  Let follow our religion without disturbing others to follow their religion?

If we understand true meaning of religion and secularism there is no riots anywhere.


Why We Critique Only Islam!

Why We Critique Only Islam!

           Frequently we are facing one common accusation from the Islamist, semi-Islamist and even from the moderate (ignorant) Muslims—which is “why only critiquing Islam” and why not critiquing also other religions? This is of course a very prudent question. And this question needs to be answered by the group of critics. Critics may think that enough have been discussed about the fallacies of Islam everywhere in the whole world. By now every simple mind should understand very well as to why we only critique Islam! But I am not surprised by the question, because we must know that—childhood brainwashing of those moderate Muslims and utter hypocrisies of those erudite Islamists they mostly fail to realize the truth simply due to their sheer blind-faith in Islam.

               In this essay, I would like to make a hypothetical comparison between the Islam and all other major religions of the world. I shall try to establish the very unique and special character of the religion Islam by an honest and impartial judgment. I shall attempt to answer this very prudent question by my own style. That is, I will generate the right answers from the mouth of those questioners themselves. Instead of answering this question, let me ask those Islamists, moderate Muslims and others the following questions:

            America has a super plural society having many religions (Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jews, Buddha’s etc). Every day, every hour or every minute—we are sick and tired of hearing in the radio, TV, or newspapers some very common (colorful) adjectives, such as: Muslim militants, Muslim terrorists, Islamic terrorists, Islamic radicals, and Islamic militants, Islamic fanatics, Al-Qeada, and Taliban. My question is that, why do not we hear about terrorists or radicals of any other religions? Why do not we hear these kind of ear-soothing colorful adjectives about those millions of atheists, agnostics or even Homosexual guys? Why it is always attached with the peaceful (?) ISLAM?

            In the North America and throughout the western world—there are hundreds of societies bearing the name of only one religion and that is ISLAM. Examples: AMC, AMA, NABIC, ICNA, ISNA, CAIR etc. etc. There are hundreds of Ummatic organizations/societies throughout the North America and elsewhere in the whole world. Ummatic organizations mostly preach segregation/isolation of Muslims from other peoples in general in the host countries. They teach Muslims that they are superior and their religion is superior and ask to guard their children from mixing with the western “rotten” society. As a result, future generations of Muslims can not blend with the society of host country resulting isolationists and problematic youngsters in an alien society. Ultimate result is the scenario of item# 13 below. In this, I have many questions: How many Ummatic organizations for Hindu, Christian or Jews can we find? Why no such organization is needed by any other religions? Why only the people of Muslim origin need such Ummatic organization? What is the purpose of such organization?

           Can we find Jihadi organization in any other religions such: Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hizbullah, Horkut-ul- Jihad, Horkut-ul-mujahedin, Jaise Muhamad, Jihad-e-Muhammad, Tahrik-e-Nifaj-shariaat-e-Muhammad, Al-Hikhma, Al-badr-Mujaheddin, Jamah-e-Islamia, Hijb-e-Islamia, etc. etc.??? We can find several dozens of Jihadi Islamic terrorist organizations exists in every Muslim country throughout the world. Can we find such organization in other religions? If not, then why?

           We can find dozens of countries ruled by Islamic Shariaat (Huhud laws) where Quran is the only viable constitution. Remaining Muslim majority countries also have family laws enforced as per Quranic laws. We can still find many Islamic Republics exist in this modern world of 21st century. My questions here are: Can we find any country ruled by Bible, Old Testament or Ghita today? Can we find just one Republic for Christian, Jewish, Hindus or Buddhas? If the answer is no, then please tell us why no?

      Islam has become a fearful religion in the whole world today. Islamic terrorists are conspiring to kill innocent civilians, especially western civilians everywhere in the whole world. Whole civilized world is in a panic situation for fear of Islamic terrorism. Very recently, German police have arrested an al-Qaeda sympathizer and his fiancé on suspicion of planning to bomb the U.S. Army’s European headquarters and other targets in Heidelberg, Germany. Interestingly these arrested al-Qaeda sympathizers were none but Muslims who kept pictures of Osama bin Laden in their apartment. My questions are: why could not these two human beings belonging Hindu, Jew or Christian? Why can’t we incriminate any other religion for the similar cause?

          Honor killing is the most inhuman and most disgraceful act by any human standard. This act is condemned by any sane human being today. But surprisingly—this horrendous episode is only present in the Muslim countries and Muslim societies. Islamists will argue that there is nothing in the Quran which suggests honor killing! Well, question here is, if Islam has nothing to do with it, then why it is only practiced by Muslims? NO OTHER SOCIETIES EXCEPT ISLAM PRACTICE IT, PERIOD. Even in the same country—example Nigeria, Northern Nigerian (Muslims) do practice this heinous act, but Southern Nigeria (Christians) do not practice this at all. It may present in any country in the whole world—but 100% sure that it will happened only in a Muslim family. My questions here are—please tell me why Muslims only perform this heinous act? Why this act is totally absent in any other religions?

            Today in the whole world Muslims are apologetic to the entire humankind for the shameful terrorisms and constantly trying to erase this stigma by various apologetic fruitless arguments and excuses. They are trying very hard to disown Osam Bin Laden and other Islamic terrorists by saying “Islam has been hijacked” etc. Very recently, ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) held four days full-fledged program in the Washington, D.C. to disown the burden of doubt in Islam by using same-old apologetic slogans—”Islam is a religion of peace” or Prophet Muhammad is the God’s mercy to earth” etc. These Islamists of North America also tried to fool the westerners (may be they fooled themselves) by quoting a few good/kind Quranic verses. They all simply blamed Western Media for projecting Islam as the religion of terrorism. With much hypocrisy they absolutely hide all those hundreds of hateful/dreadful Quranic verses. My question here is—why any other religionists do not need to do all these hypocrisies like Islamists are doing today?

           “Jihad” is the most fearful and despised word spoken/uttering throughout the whole world today. This famous word “Jihad” belongs to one religion, and that is—”Islam”. My question is—why Jihad belongs to only Islam?

              Suicide-bombing only to kill innocent human beings is committed by Muslims only. In Palestine-Israeli conflict hundreds of incidents of such heinous suicide attempts have occurred so far. It was quite obvious that all these suicide bombers were brainwashed by the fiery inspirational teachings by Islamic clergy citing various Quranic dictums and hadiths. Among the Palestine citizens there are good percentage of Christian minority who support Palestinian cause and they are also enemy of Israel. Surprisingly, not a single “suicide bomber” could be found who was a Christian. My questions here are—why there was no suicide bomber evolved out of those Christian-born Palestinians? Why it is the only Muslims committing this horrendous act of suicide bombing?

          Mosque-Islamic center connections: all most every terrorist arrested or identified so far, they obviously (without fail) belonged to some Mosque or Islamic center. It was quite apparent that the terrorists arrested or dead was later identified as the member/visitor of certain famous Mosque or Islamic center. In most cases—Muslims attacked their rivals after the Friday prayers, because the fiery sermons of the Imam of the Mosque energize these fanatics. My questions here are—if Islam and Mosque has nothing to do with terrorists then why they could not be belonged to some other religious center such as Hindu Temple, Jewish Temple, Buddhist temple or Christian church? Or why they could not be even the members of some atheists/agnostic/homosexual clubs?

               Pure (Pukka) Muslims: all most all the terrorists (John walker Lind, Zakaria Moussai, Padia etc.) so far arrested or known to the authority are very pure and devoutly good practicing bearded Muslims. Just last week, Swedish authority has arrested one suspected terrorist from onboard an aircraft who attempted to hijack the plane and crash it to the American Embassy in the Western Europe. Later he was identified as the bearded young Tunisian born devout Muslim by the name Kerim shatty who wanted to go to join the Islamic conference in London. My questions are: Why they (terrorists) could not be from some moderate or not so good Muslim group? Why always terrorist have to be one of those most devout pukka Muslims? What possibly is the obvious indication here? Isn’t it true that any true followers (real Muslim who follows Quran and hadiths) of Islam could be a terrorist?

           Converts: we know conversion to other religion is a common phenomenon throughout the world. Many people convert to Islam, Christianity, Buddhism etc. My questions are why it is only those Muslim converts turn into terrorists or Taliban (American Taliban, Shoe-bomber and dirty bomber suspect—they all are converted Muslims)? Why any other converts (Hindu or Christian) could not be a Taliban or terrorist?

             Clash of immigrants with the host: very recently, there were riots between the immigrant British citizens and the host Britons. Surprisingly those immigrant British citizens were none other than the Muslim immigrants (mainly Pakistani and Bangladeshi). Britain has the immigrants from various countries and various religions. My question here is why those rioting-immigrants could not be from any other religions?

          Dress code and food restriction: Do you know Islam has a special dress code for both men and women? Islam is nothing but Arab nationalism in the disguise of religion. Anybody from any foreign land convert to Islam also needs to adopt/change his dress and cultural habits, which is nothing but Arab national dress and Arab culture. A devout Bangladeshi, Chinese or a Burmese convert to Islam will pretend to be a good Muslim by wearing Arab garb or hijab for women, even though his/her own national dress is not at all similar to Arab national dress. Muslims also follow very strict food codes. Unlike other religious groups, Muslims can not eat western most hygienically produced meat products. Muslims need to eat so called un-hygienically produced halal meat. Convert Muslims even need to learn Arabic for daily rituals of Islam. They are not allowed to pray in their own mother tongue. Result is they do not know what they are praying. But unlike Muslim convert, Hindu, Christian or Jewish converts do not need to forsake their own national dress code or languages. My questions here are why the converts of no other religions need to change their own national dress code or food habits? Why Islam is so different?
         Coercive imposition: Islam is the only religion in which peoples are being forced/coerced to observe Islamic daily rituals. In any Islamic paradise—like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Talibani Afghanistan, or any other Islamic Arab countries—Islamic police (Muttawalli) force general citizens to observe daily rituals very strictly. Anybody who fails to obey is punished by beating severely or even by imprisonment. Even in the moderate Muslim countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. Clergies, general public or the elders will repeatedly remind or even force people to join the daily five time prayers/rituals of Islam. Anybody who do not join or refuse to join will be cursed, looked down or insulted by the seniors.
Punishments for the crime: Punishments for the crime (like stealing, adultery, killings etc.) in Islamic paradise (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan and many other Arab nations) according to Allah’s laws (Islamic Shariaat or hudud laws) are cutting/chopping hands, feet and even chopping heads, or stoning death and lashings one hundred and one times. My questions here are: could we find such ancient uncivilized/draconian laws in any other religions today? If the answer is no, then please tell us why?

          Brotherhood in Islam: Islam is the only religion having brotherhood or Ummatic provision. One muslim is considered brother of another muslim only. A muslim can not be a brother of Hindu, Christian or Jews or infidels. Muslims are forbidden even to pray for any infidels. Therefore, Islam is like a large-scale religious cult which does not recognize any other religion as pure religion. My question here is why no other religious group has such separatist brotherhood system?

             Islam and poverty: Poverty and Islam goes side by side. Islam means submission to Allah. Therefore, general muslims become like a dependent servant of unseen authority in the sky. Muslims loose their strength and desire of freethinking and innovation. Result is pure poverty. Look everywhere—muslims are the most poor human beings on earth. Go to Africa or Asia—every muslim majority country is a desperately poor country. Please don’t try to cite some Arab oil-rich countries as the denial to my assertion. Because, that happened only due to the discovery of oil by the west—such as America and Britain. Before that, all the Arabs were miserably poor country. Muslims are poor even in a same country or region: In Nigeria—northern (Muslim majority) people are poor, but southern (Christian majority) people are rich and affluent. In Europe—only two most poor countries are Bosnia and Albania. Both of these European countries are populated by convert Muslims of same Caucasian white peoples. But they are poorer than their neighbors. My question here is why it has to be always like that?

                Muslim World: Do you know we have two worlds in the same planet earth? One is the real world (with every nation except the Islamic nations) and other is the Muslim world (with all the Islamic nations only). Surprisingly, there is no Christian world, no Hindu world or any Jewish world, Buddies world or infidel world. But we have Muslim world. My question here is: why there is no Christian, Hindu, Buddies or Jewish world?

~:: Author : Tejash Patel ::~

India-China Relation ship

The relations of India with its neighbors are always a favorite point of  discussion in India as well as in Asia. The relations of India with its neighbors are not so good and increasingly towards bad. Most of the Indian governments are failed to built good relationship with neighbors. There are many reasons behind it and we will discuss them here.

The first and main reason is Indian foreign policy. The foreign policy of India is always defensive except in the case of freedom of Bangladesh. The foreign policy of India is never attacking and its neighbors takes advantage of that. All of the neighbor countries except china are not so strong that they can defeat India in any form either economically or in the war. Even though they saw eye to India time by time.
 We defeated Pakistan several times in the war. we make contracts with them every time they lost.And what happened finally? Even though Pakistan lost against India it get some part of Kasmir from India and India can not do any thing to get back it. Even Pakistan give some part of POK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) to CHINA as agift which India will never get back. Pakistan supports terrorist to attack on India.Its navy men coming into Indian coastal area and caught Indian peoples. Its army personals coming India illegally and kills Indian army men. But in reply what India or Indian government do? Only give some statements. And after sometime every thing is forgotten.

When India gets freedom Jawaharlal Nehru became Prime minister. At that time Sardar Patel warns Nehru to be careful in relation with Chinese dragon. But Nehru didn’t take it seriously and give slogan of ‘Hindi-Chine bhai bhai” to get some peace awards. But what happened actually? CHINA attacks on INDIA in 1962. India loss the war. But still Indian government didn’t learn from that. Indian government still wants good relations with china while china works on its plan to envelop India. China already get supports from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Shrilanka  and now it wants support from Mal-div. In this all countries china is going to built its military stations. CHINA wants some part from Bhutan so it can take its military at high and take advantage of height. In Nepal, India support to st democracy. But now there is a government of left parties in Nepal which favors CHINA .

Earlier India accept the TIBET as part of CHINA but now INDIA supports the freedom fighters of TIBET. China already made its claim on Indian Land in Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and in Jammu and Kashmir. Already china had rob some part of India. But India can’t do anything.

The water of rivers like Brahmaputra are diverted by china by bulding big dams in china. Instead Rise this issue in international level Indian government are trying to hide this issue from people by speaking lies.When Chinese Army coming into Indian area. Indian Government trying to resolve this issues by talks. that is good but what happens in talks? Indian government make compromise with china that India will recall its military from Chumar post. After that Chinese military went back. But Indian foreign minister and government hide this fact of compromise and make Indian people fool by telling that talking with china was successful and we resolve this issue without any condition. Here the most important thing is that china had already make incursion in the past at chumar. Actually China wants this area so it can directly reach to Pakistan through Karakorum highway.

Actually China wants its directly connectivity with India ocean. As well as it wants authority of Indian ocean so it can reach to the all world easily. But the only one country who oppose it is India, so China wants India to go back foot. 

In this situation India can also do some steps to push china back foot. These steps are following:

India should make good relations with the countries who faces Chinese incursion  and claims on their lands. these countries are South Korea, JAPAN, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bhutan, Myanmar etc.

India should punish peoples who are Indian but support china, like Naxalists, Maoists. etc. India Should fight with them like Srilanka who fought wit LTTE and defeat them.

If even after that Chinese incursion is continue then stop import from china. If countries like Bangladesh supports chins than push its nose on the issues like water, flood and incursion of peoples from Bangladesh to India till they stop supporting china against India.


2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,900 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 5 years to get that many views.

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Secularism in India

What is secularism means? May be it is different for different peoples and even sometimes it is totally opposite of actually what it should be,

In India most of the people use word “Secularism” as per their requirement and take meaning of it as per their requirement. Two main parties BJP and Congress mostly use it for their vote banks. Other local parties also uses it and change the meaning of the word as per their requirement. We taught in schools and even all books say India is secular country. But there is no clear definition of secularism at any place.

Most of the people understood that if person is from BJP is not secular because they believe in Hinduism and the persons from congress side are secular because they are not following Hinduism. For many people and most of the politicians, secularism means ” A person who follow every religion especially a religion which is in minority, is called secular person. ” For congress, secularism means Muslim appeasement. For them a person who not follow Islam or speak something against Islam (irrespective of whether it is true or false) is not a secular. Congress accept this thought to secure their vote Bank.

According to my thought Secularism means not to follow all religion but follow any religion which he/she like and respect other religions. A secular person never stopping or forcing others to believe or follow any religion. To follow or not follow other religions are depends on one’s personal view.

But recently many things are changed. Many issues of religions make headlines. A persons who commented on an individual politicians or insulting Islam  are immediately get punishments. But even though a ministers or other persons insults Hinduism are not punished. You can watch video in below link. A person targeting to Hindu religion and even insulting India. But he is not punished. Even media is silent on that issue. But if anyone from BJP or Hindu community speak like this he will definitely get jailed. Salaman rashdi , who is Muslim him self, write ” setanik versis ”  is not allowed to india because Muslims protests against him. But M.F.Hussein get honor even he many times insulting Hindu gods and goddesses. In M.S. university each year many students insulting Hindu goddesses, but noting happen. why? because they insulted Hindu gods and not Muslims?

I think we should re think on this secularism. We must stop appeasement of any of the community/religion in shadow of secularism. We must stop vote bank politics. The laws must be equal for all community and they must not as per their religion. For Hindu second marriage is crime. Good thing, and it must be. But for Muslim it is not crime ..??? they can marriage four time simultaneously. You not think we should change this?


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