Why Different Religions?

           Recently, after riots at various places, Peoples discuss more about religion and compare with them. Most of the people finds differences between various religions and try to prove their religion superior then others.Very few tries to find similarity between them and I, one of them.

           When we try to find similarity between them what comes first in mind? The Gods of different religions. Hindus have 33 crore gods, Muslims believes in Allah and Christians have Jesus. The common thing between them is, all religions believe that the whole universe is controlled by one super element and we should praise it. Each religion gives it separate name, each has a different method to praise it.

           The second common thing between all the religion is how they identify a person. All religions identify a person by his/her deeds and not by his/her birth. They gave importance to character and deeds of person rather than his/her birth or “KUL”. Can we say a person is Jain or Buddha if he/she believes in cruelty, even if he born in Jain/Buddha family? The answer is simply NO. Can we say a person is Muslim if he drinks in Ramzan? No. what it shows? only the deeds of the person decides his religion and not his family or birth.

          The third aspect which is common between all the religion is the reason behind the establishment of any religion. The reason is common and that ” to do something good for this universe”. nothing else. The question arise is that what is the need of so many religions? The answer is thoughts of people. Different people have different thoughts. Like most of the Hindus believes in worship of idols. But Muslims didn’t. Like that Christians have a different method for worship. So people follow different religions as per their thoughts.

            The fourth thing that is common between most of them is birth of super element. People believes that god comes to earth to end the rule of evil and establish peace.

             After observing these all thing we should think why we want that everybody should follow our religion. If we follow these things, aren’t we follow different religion simultaneously? Aren’t our friends from other religion follow our religions? If Salman khan celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi and Id both then which religion he follows, Hindu or Islam? Many Hindus often visit Dargah, and mosque. I personally know them. Like wise Many Muslims visit temples. It means they didn’t follow their religion? I am Hindu but not visit temple Daily, does it mean I am not Hindu?

          Doesn’t understand why people force others to follow their religion when even they themselves follows different religions. Most of the people (Not all) who change their religion not knowing facts about their past and future religions. They only change their religion to get something given by people or saints of their future religions.

            What is the meaning of secularism?

A. Follow all religion. Like wear CAPS which Muslim wears. Wear saree which Hindu women wear and celebrate 31 December?


B.  Let follow our religion without disturbing others to follow their religion?

If we understand true meaning of religion and secularism there is no riots anywhere.



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