India-China Relation ship

The relations of India with its neighbors are always a favorite point of  discussion in India as well as in Asia. The relations of India with its neighbors are not so good and increasingly towards bad. Most of the Indian governments are failed to built good relationship with neighbors. There are many reasons behind it and we will discuss them here.

The first and main reason is Indian foreign policy. The foreign policy of India is always defensive except in the case of freedom of Bangladesh. The foreign policy of India is never attacking and its neighbors takes advantage of that. All of the neighbor countries except china are not so strong that they can defeat India in any form either economically or in the war. Even though they saw eye to India time by time.
 We defeated Pakistan several times in the war. we make contracts with them every time they lost.And what happened finally? Even though Pakistan lost against India it get some part of Kasmir from India and India can not do any thing to get back it. Even Pakistan give some part of POK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) to CHINA as agift which India will never get back. Pakistan supports terrorist to attack on India.Its navy men coming into Indian coastal area and caught Indian peoples. Its army personals coming India illegally and kills Indian army men. But in reply what India or Indian government do? Only give some statements. And after sometime every thing is forgotten.

When India gets freedom Jawaharlal Nehru became Prime minister. At that time Sardar Patel warns Nehru to be careful in relation with Chinese dragon. But Nehru didn’t take it seriously and give slogan of ‘Hindi-Chine bhai bhai” to get some peace awards. But what happened actually? CHINA attacks on INDIA in 1962. India loss the war. But still Indian government didn’t learn from that. Indian government still wants good relations with china while china works on its plan to envelop India. China already get supports from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Shrilanka  and now it wants support from Mal-div. In this all countries china is going to built its military stations. CHINA wants some part from Bhutan so it can take its military at high and take advantage of height. In Nepal, India support to st democracy. But now there is a government of left parties in Nepal which favors CHINA .

Earlier India accept the TIBET as part of CHINA but now INDIA supports the freedom fighters of TIBET. China already made its claim on Indian Land in Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and in Jammu and Kashmir. Already china had rob some part of India. But India can’t do anything.

The water of rivers like Brahmaputra are diverted by china by bulding big dams in china. Instead Rise this issue in international level Indian government are trying to hide this issue from people by speaking lies.When Chinese Army coming into Indian area. Indian Government trying to resolve this issues by talks. that is good but what happens in talks? Indian government make compromise with china that India will recall its military from Chumar post. After that Chinese military went back. But Indian foreign minister and government hide this fact of compromise and make Indian people fool by telling that talking with china was successful and we resolve this issue without any condition. Here the most important thing is that china had already make incursion in the past at chumar. Actually China wants this area so it can directly reach to Pakistan through Karakorum highway.

Actually China wants its directly connectivity with India ocean. As well as it wants authority of Indian ocean so it can reach to the all world easily. But the only one country who oppose it is India, so China wants India to go back foot. 

In this situation India can also do some steps to push china back foot. These steps are following:

India should make good relations with the countries who faces Chinese incursion  and claims on their lands. these countries are South Korea, JAPAN, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bhutan, Myanmar etc.

India should punish peoples who are Indian but support china, like Naxalists, Maoists. etc. India Should fight with them like Srilanka who fought wit LTTE and defeat them.

If even after that Chinese incursion is continue then stop import from china. If countries like Bangladesh supports chins than push its nose on the issues like water, flood and incursion of peoples from Bangladesh to India till they stop supporting china against India.


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