Secularism in India

What is secularism means? May be it is different for different peoples and even sometimes it is totally opposite of actually what it should be,

In India most of the people use word “Secularism” as per their requirement and take meaning of it as per their requirement. Two main parties BJP and Congress mostly use it for their vote banks. Other local parties also uses it and change the meaning of the word as per their requirement. We taught in schools and even all books say India is secular country. But there is no clear definition of secularism at any place.

Most of the people understood that if person is from BJP is not secular because they believe in Hinduism and the persons from congress side are secular because they are not following Hinduism. For many people and most of the politicians, secularism means ” A person who follow every religion especially a religion which is in minority, is called secular person. ” For congress, secularism means Muslim appeasement. For them a person who not follow Islam or speak something against Islam (irrespective of whether it is true or false) is not a secular. Congress accept this thought to secure their vote Bank.

According to my thought Secularism means not to follow all religion but follow any religion which he/she like and respect other religions. A secular person never stopping or forcing others to believe or follow any religion. To follow or not follow other religions are depends on one’s personal view.

But recently many things are changed. Many issues of religions make headlines. A persons who commented on an individual politicians or insulting Islam  are immediately get punishments. But even though a ministers or other persons insults Hinduism are not punished. You can watch video in below link. A person targeting to Hindu religion and even insulting India. But he is not punished. Even media is silent on that issue. But if anyone from BJP or Hindu community speak like this he will definitely get jailed. Salaman rashdi , who is Muslim him self, write ” setanik versis ”  is not allowed to india because Muslims protests against him. But M.F.Hussein get honor even he many times insulting Hindu gods and goddesses. In M.S. university each year many students insulting Hindu goddesses, but noting happen. why? because they insulted Hindu gods and not Muslims?

I think we should re think on this secularism. We must stop appeasement of any of the community/religion in shadow of secularism. We must stop vote bank politics. The laws must be equal for all community and they must not as per their religion. For Hindu second marriage is crime. Good thing, and it must be. But for Muslim it is not crime ..??? they can marriage four time simultaneously. You not think we should change this?


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